• Reviewed by: cwiestie  on: 12/10/2012
    Update on waiting for my food, still waiting. Husband done and plate removed. I asked waitress for my food and.........still waiting. This is unreal and I was theone that wanted to come here to tryi it. Never again. Definetely not recommending
  • Reviewed by: cwiestie  on: 12/10/2012
    I am at Mizuki Fusion now, took forever to get service. Customer in next booth explained menu. Appetizer of Tempura bland. My husband is done with his hot meal and I have noygotten my roll. Never again, so dissappointed
  • Reviewed by: Notmyrealemail  on: 05/10/2012
    Please note cooked roles on your online menu... Great food
  • Reviewed by: lithium_orchid  on: 04/10/2012
    This place is wonderful! I adore the godzilla roll and the service is great! So happy to have a restaurant like this so close to my house.
  • Reviewed by: drumz82  on: 27/06/2012
    The food is excellent. They knock it out of the park every time.My family and I couldn't be happier when we go there! Great Job Ken and staff for making us always feel at home.
  • Reviewed by: andrew.hayes  on: 30/03/2012
    My family was served some of the best maki we've ever had and it was presented amazingly as well. We're excited to return as soon as possible!
  • Reviewed by: tfunk8787  on: 12/02/2012
    Just amazing at a decent price as well!
  • Reviewed by: staloch3  on: 17/01/2012
    Sweet Jesus this place was wonderful!
  • Reviewed by: adamndiana  on: 14/12/2011
    Mizuki Fusion is the best sushi my family and I have ever had! We have visited multiple times and we just cant get enough! The Spider Man roll is to die for, and the squid yaki is absolutely delicious! We are on a mission to try everything on the menu- we have had approximately 30 different items- and we will try more!Their menu is vast and there is something for everyone- even those that dont like to try anything new.Try Mizuki Fusion. You wont be disappointed!
  • Reviewed by: ralvarez451  on: 12/11/2011
    I've been to Mizuki Fusion a couple of times with friends so I have been able to sample a few things on the menu. The food is great and have not been disappointed by anything! I plan to eventually try everything on the menu!
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